Civil Engineering

Chemical Processing of Timber

CHEMICAL PROCESSING OF TIMBER Treatability The ease with which a timber can be impregnated with liquids, especially wood preservatives, is generally referred to as its treatability. Treatability is related directly to the permeability of timber. The permeability is a function not only of moisture content and temperature, but also of grain direction, sapwood/heartwood, earlywood/latewood and …

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Strength & Toughness Morphology of Timber

STRENGTH, TOUGHNESS, FAILURE AND FRACTURE MORPHOLOGY There are two fundamentally different approaches to the concept of strength and failure. The first is the classical strength of materials approach, attempting to understand strength and failure of timber in terms of the strength and arrangement of the molecules, the fibrils, and the cells by thinking in terms …

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Factors Affecting Strength in Timber

FACTORS AFFECTING STRENGTH IN TIMBER Many of the variables influencing modulus of elasticity also influence the various strength properties of timber. Once again, these can be regarded as being either material dependent or manifestations of the environment. Anisotropy and Grain Angle  The marked difference between the longitudinal and transverse planes in both shrinkage and modulus …

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